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By: Tallwave

Previously Acquired User-Centered Design Firm 29th Drive Is Now Fully Integrated Into Tallwave

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - April 27, 2015) - Following a 2014 acquisition, venture development firm Tallwave today announced that the integration of user-centered design firm 29th Drive is now complete. 29th Drive Founder Kevin Goldman will continue in his crucial leadership role as chief design architect for Tallwave as 29th Drive ceases to operate as a standalone entity and brand.

Whether it's an established organization driving innovation, or a new venture wrestling with how to solve potentially world-changing problems, design is a critical mechanism in the process of developing a product that people love to use. The integration of the talented 29th Drive design team uniquely positions Tallwave to help entrepreneurs create compelling and remarkable startups in vertical markets that will improve people's lives.

"With 29th Drive's passionate team intensely focused on user experience design, we are more uniquely equipped than ever to help entrepreneurs and growth companies correctly define the problem they set out to solve, rapidly iterate good ideas and get the right product into the market," said Jeffrey Pruitt, co-founder & CEO, Tallwave.

"29th Drive fits nicely within Tallwave, as we both share a common goal of solving user experience challenges for companies," added Kevin Goldman, chief design architect, Tallwave. "As a well-integrated team, we're all committed to making a consumer's experience with a brand and its products and services exceptional."

The integration has enabled Tallwave to develop new service offerings such as Sandcastle, a rapid prototyping and user validation sprint. Taking a "killer" idea from an entrepreneur's mind's eye to a powerful software application with a delightful user interface can be a slow, painful and expensive proposition. Sandcastle provides a user-validated, clickable prototype ready for demonstration to customers and investors in as few as two weeks. After the user testing is complete and analyzed, Tallwave works with entrepreneurs to determine best practices for driving adoption, raising capital and creating a strategic business model.

"The simple truth is that many companies are working on tight budgets and often waste valuable time and money developing products that have yet to be tested and proven in the market," said Jesus Ramirez, vice president, Product Tallwave. "Sandcastle takes an idea to a live prototype in the hands of users in a matter of weeks, which can save entrepreneurs countless dollars and time when they go to build the full product."

About Tallwave:
Tallwave helps startups and growth companies build, launch and scale with a unique combination of hands-on services, operational systems, networks and strategic capital. This approach helps innovators build products users love, drive adoption and structure their company for growth. Tallwave also hosts High Tide™; one of the most innovative startup competitions in the U.S. Tallwave is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Additional information about Tallwave is available at www.tallwave.com.

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Robert Wallace
Office: 602.903.4334

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Linda Capcara
Cell: 480.229.7090

Written by Tallwave

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