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Why Enterprise Needs to Get a Grip on User Experience

By: Robert Wallace

One of the most relevant topics in design and product development today is the consumerization of enterprise software. Specifically, how enterprise product managers and designers can effectively meet the demands of today’s experience-driven world and increase their return on investment.

In highly commoditized segments, user experience will be what hooks a customer to choose your product over the next.

“It really sets you apart from competitors,” said Christine Kucik, director of product for AppointmentPlus. “There’s so many businesses out there today that do the same things. Take smart phones and watches for example. They offer a lot of the same basic functionalities, but what differentiates them from one another is the experience.”

This concept, however, doesn’t just begin and end with customer acquisition. The entire customer journey presents an opportunity to shape a great experience. From marketing and sales to customer service, companies that take a holistic approach to managing the entire experience from the first touch point to the last, will win.

It’s imperative for designers and product managers to work together from the onset of the product development process. And now many forward-thinking brands are leaning on designers to help steer the direction and development of their products.

“At the highest level, business leadership is looking to designers to join them at that leadership level,” said Kevin Goldman, chief design architect at Tallwave. “Design is more strategic now. Brands now have chief experience officers and are investing in the customer journey.”

Design is no longer just about the aesthetics of a product. It’s a business strategy – and cannot be an afterthought.

Where do you begin though? How have other companies effectively incorporated user experience into their strategies? And how do you start to build your experiential currency?

In the following webinar, Christine and Kevin walk through how the requirements of product and technology development have changed, and how organizations can successfully integrate user experience into their business strategy.

Kevin’s user-experience resources:

Written by Robert Wallace

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