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Think Small to Get Big Results for Your Brand

By: Tallwave

A brand is more than a logo. It's a promise that you deliver to your customers, employees, shareholders, and partners every day, in every moment.

Yes, you need a visual identity appropriate language to use when talking about yourself, whether you're creating a press release or website copy. Those elements are table stakes for establishing who you are, or identifying your brand promise. But then comes the task of figuring out how to deliver your brand promise all-year round.

Some businesses have the budget to share their brand promise by creating big-tent moments, such as a sponsorship at SxSW. But most startups (at least those that want to stay in business), lack a budget for engineering a big-bang approach. Savvy start-ups need to think small -- and thinking small can lead to a huge payoff.

Thinking small means identifying every micro moment of interaction your prospects and clients should be having with you and then being present with great content and experiences. In practical terms, thinking small means plotting your customer's journey from awareness to sales to support and asking two questions:

1. Am I sharing the right content for that customer at their stage in the journey?

Whether you are a business-to-business or b2c brand, content resides at the heart of your brand, including case studies, social media shares, website copy, thought leadership such as webinars and blog posts, and email outreach. You may not have the budget for advertising or events, but you are producing content every day for little or no cost, whether your know it or not.

For a number of brands, creating content means publishing the occasional blog post about a topic that, ideally, reflects the brand's promise. Thinking small means making sure you map every piece of content along the stage of the journey to encourage a relationship. For instance, let's say your CEO delivers a presentation about a topic that matters to your brand. Thinking small means figuring out how to re-purpose that presentation along the states of the customer journey: perhaps as a blog post to build awareness, included in a sales pitch, and customized for a private email newsletter as part of a client nurturing campaign. By repurposing content (so long as it supports your brand), you create little moments that add up to enduring customer relationships.

2. Are my employees, starting with me, creating a great experience throughout the journey?

Your brand is no better than the experience you provide, and your employees deliver your experience each day. At a large entertainment brand such as Disney, the relationship between employees and the experience is pretty obvious. But even for a small b2b brand, employees need to be aligned with the brand promise to the deliver not just a great experience but also the right one. For example:

Who responds to website, social media comments, and email queries at your company? Have they been trained to know how to respond quickly and courteously? Do they also know enough about your company to respond knowledgeably, and do they realize when a query needs to be escalated or offloaded to someone else (especially for sales queries)?

Have you trained your employees to know your company's elevator pitch and mission? Would they know what to say about you if their friends asked, "Where do you work"? Remember, every interaction, however casual, is an opportunity to be a brand ambassador.

What does your client and employee onboarding process look like? Do you have procedures codified to make it easy for your company to do business with?

Every little touch point matters. Training your employees how to be brand ambassadors is essential to turning those touch points into little victories for your brand.

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Written by Tallwave

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