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What's In Your Sales Stack?

By: Tallwave

2016 has been described as the year of the “Sales Stack”, but what does it mean for your sales team? Pretty simple - there is a suite of tools available to make your life infinitely easier, while making your team more efficient and effective. You just have to put them together.

A good Sales technology stack is covering these core bases. We utilize these tools day-in-day out, for both Tallwave and our clients. What's in your stack?

What’s in the Stack at Tallwave:

1) CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
This is your main database of contacts and probably where you manage your sales pipeline. While Salesforce is capable of cooking your breakfast for you, it's also cumbersome and expensive, so we've seen other players come out with more compelling offerings out-of-the-box for many companies.

2) List Building / Prospecting
If your reps are trolling through LinkedIn and Google to find new, fresh blood, they're wasting a lot of time. Whether your reps are building their own lists, or your Sales Ops person is building it for them, tools like Prospectify.io can accelerate list building by 10x. Prospectify leverages LinkedIn search results to quickly build lists of real buyers, and then it appends email addresses and other valuable sales information to each record. Automagically!

3) Sales Email Automation
We're not talking about MailChimp, ExactTarget or the mail systems that most Marketers use. We're talking about the new class of email tools that are primarily Sales-focused. These tools allow your Sales team to send one-to-one emails to lots of prospects once, or or on a set schedule, in a way that automates the follow-up (called a cadence). The best in class tools will also give your reps the open and click-through analytics they need to prioritize who they're calling each day. Apps like Outreach.io, ReplyApp.io and Salesloft Cadence are good examples of these.
These tools are different because, instead of emailing from an email server farm, they email from your Google Apps or Exchange instance directly. The result is better email deliverability, very natural-looking emails, and (hopefully) higher conversions.

4) Calendaring
The back-and-forth of scheduling has tanked many a discovery meeting - and it slows down your reps from actual selling time. Calendaring tools like Calendly make it easy to send across a single link to your Prospects with all of your free/busy time during the week. The best tools provide open calendar space based on automated rules to help your reps block sales calls and be super-efficient with time... without all the back and forth.

5) Demos
We're all tired of Cisco’s Webex and Go-to-Meeting wasting 5-10 minutes of each demo just to get the prospect to see your screen. Get technology out of the way already. Today's SDRs and ISRs use tools like Appear.In for screen sharing or Uber Conference for quick-and-easy, dedicated conference lines.

6) Proposal Delivery & Analytics
Gone are the days of lobbing a PDF over the wall and hoping for the best. The modern salesperson can use tools like PandaDoc to craft great proposals, complete with e-signature.

The key benefit here is analytics. With these tools, your sales rep know in real-time when a proposal gets opened, exactly what your prospect looked at in the proposal, and how long they looked at it. Nothing is better than seeing that "open alert" come across your inbox, and then calling up your client in that moment to see if they had any questions about the Proposal. Creepy, but effective!

Wondering if anyone cares about your Team page? Wondering if everyone goes straight to the Pricing page? Do they click on your Sample Client list to investigate more? Now you know!

There’s plenty more...

Other Sales Stack categories include Knowledge Bases, Auto-Dialers, and much more.

What's in your stack? Tell us in the comments!

Written by Tallwave

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