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How to Make a One-on-One Meeting as Productive as Possible

By: Tallwave

Most executives will agree on the importance of making time for consistent one-on-one meetings with team members. These meetings can boost morale, increase productivity and elevate internal relationships. However, when deadlines creep up and schedules become tight, one-on-ones are often the first to fall off the radar or be cancelled. When one-on-ones do happen on the fly, they can turn into social chats or performance reviews, losing the opportunity to proactively discuss new ideas, projects and strategic goals.

In this recent Inc column, Tallwave CEO Jeff Pruitt shares three strategies to ensure one-on-ones with your team are meaningful and productive. He also delves into finding the ideal frequency of one-on-ones, determining the structure of the meeting based on shared goals and setting intentions for future meetings.

Written by Tallwave

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