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Operational Success Begins with a Service Blueprint

By: Tallwave

Do you have a clear, detailed picture of how your customers experience your brand and all of the moving parts that must come together behind the scenes to fulfill that experience? This is where the service blueprint comes in, and it’s a powerful tool used across businesses of all shapes and sizes to identify operational inefficiencies, potential friction points, and unrealized opportunities to streamline operations, innovate and surprise and delight customers

In his latest Inc column, Tallwave CEO Jeff Pruitt explores how business leaders can leverage the service blueprint to help drive innovation, and identify operational inefficiencies and new opportunities. The article also examines how blueprints help guide teams to look beyond their brand’s end products and services to more intimately understand how their customers experience their brand ––from the initial interaction through to product or service fulfillment. Finally, Jeff shares the anatomy of a service blueprint, as well as the core components of how they could function for your business. Read the complete article here.

Written by Tallwave

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