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Set Up Your Team Retreat For Success

By: Tallwave

A successful and engaged team doesn’t just happen. Building and maintaining company culture and chemistry takes ongoing awareness and diligence. That’s why so many organizations host annual or semi-annual retreats. But as casual and fun as a team rally sounds, it’s about so much more than a fun day out of the office. A company or team retreat should be intentional with specific goals, such as boosting team morale, trust and productivity. As a leader, are you prepared to make the most out of your next team retreat?

In his latest Inc column, Tallwave CEO Jeff Pruitt details exactly how company leaders can create an impactful team retreat experience. Jeff breaks down the reasons why entrepreneurs should hire a seasoned facilitator to help prepare a game plan for the retreat. He also shares tips that lead to a successful retreat, including utilizing an off-site setting and hosting activities that support listening and bonding to deepen connections, trust and overall company culture. Read the complete article here.

Written by Tallwave

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