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6 Business Books Every Leader Needs to Read

By: Robert Wallace

Brand building, effective management tactics and understanding human behavior –– these are all essentials to running a business. While these skills are often learned ‘in the field’ through firsthand experience, there are a number of worthwhile books authored by wise individuals who’ve gone down the road before you. In fact, some of today’s top writers are CEOs sharing eye-opening advice on running a business, fostering a culture of innovation and achieving harmony across all areas of life. If you’re looking to add to your fall reading list and uplevel your business savvy, look no further.

In a recent Inc. article, Tallwave CEO Jeff Pruitt turned to members of his leadership team to share insights they’ve learned from some of their favorite books. These books have, in one way or another, impacted their approach to business, leadership and relationship-building. Find the article here.

Written by Robert Wallace

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