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What is true differentiation and how do you achieve it

By: Tallwave

Pause for a moment and consider the vast number of ideas, innovations and businesses launching every single day. It’s an exciting time, to be sure. But it also means companies are finding true differentiation more of a challenge to achieve. So how does an organization go about setting a brand apart from the next? The hard truth is creating a new product or service alone simply won’t be enough. That’s because these days, success hinges on market changes, the economy and evolving industry trends

In his latest Inc. column, Tallwave CEO Jeff Pruitt explores how companies can clear through the competitive clutter to establish an entity that’s one-of-a-kind. Jeff suggests a new approach, one that involves your brand personality, your interactions with consumers, and the way your business markets itself to the world. Read the entire article here.

Written by Tallwave

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