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How To Brand Multiple Products Under One Business

By: Tallwave

When you have an established brand, what happens when new ideas for products and services begin to hatch? If the idea falls neatly into the scope of what the company does or, alternately, opens up new audience segments to serve, it’s cause for celebration. But many leaders face the conundrum of the idea not fitting into the existing brand at all. In this case, does the idea go to waste? Should it be tweaked and introduced as a sub brand? Or is there an opportunity for a new brand completely?

In Part 1 on his series on brand differentiation and business transformation, Tallwave CEO Jeff Pruitt explains why there are endless approaches an organization can take in introducing an individual or sub-brand. He explains why often the decision comes down to finding which architecture best fits the vision and overall business goals of a company. He also describes advantages and disadvantages to both, and why in the end it comes down to your goals and your customers. Read the complete article here.

Written by Tallwave

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