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4 Problem-Solving Tactics You Can Learn From Kids

By: Tallwave

Ask anyone with kids and they’ll tell you -- when children face an obstacle, it’s incredible how quickly their creativity kicks in to get the outcome they want. And while it’s usually the adults who work tirelessly to impart wisdom on kids, maybe it’s time we paused to take a page out of their problem-solving playbook and apply it to business.

In his recent Inc. column, Tallwave CEO Jeff Pruitt breaks down how children often implore design thinking when challenges present themselves and how that may offer fresh solutions. Jeff explores why it’s important to remove the cap of creativity and leverage visual representations to work through issues. He also encourages entrepreneurs to skip reinventing the wheel for every new obstacle and instead revisit time-tested methods. The article also touches on the importance of getting others excited about a vision and enrolling them to help achieve it. After all, kids are great negotiators and sellers of the dream. Read the article in its entirety here.

Written by Tallwave

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