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4 Ways To Build A Data Infrastructure To Inform Business Decisions

By: Tallwave

The prospect of machine learning is all the rage in business today, but we are only just beginning to understand its true potential. Though machine learning’s future applications remain uncharted, business leaders must start plotting out data standards within their organizations now. With a number of variables unclear, what we do know for sure is that if data is bad now, analytics and machine learning tools of the future will be useless. So, how can leaders unmuddy the waters today to set up for future success tomorrow?

In his latest Inc. column, Tallwave CEO Jeff Pruitt outlines how business leaders can build a solid approach for setting data standards. He explains why establishing a structure for clean data is step one then breaks down how to define data goals and encourage collaborations between stakeholders. Jeff also advises readers to consider assigning a data point-person and promoting a culture shift to make data quality a priority. Read the article here.

Written by Tallwave

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