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5 ways to stay Deliberately Healthy in your workplace

By: Jessica Lizza

“What are you trying to accomplish?”

It’s the first question that Saundra Shrock, CEO of Levelhead, a mindfulness app for the workplace, asks when she meets a potential client. Are they trying to solve a problem? Are they trying to achieve harmony in their workplace? Are they trying to reduce stress in their employees? Or (possibly the most important question) are they willing to solve their problem with less conventional methods?

Earlier this month Tallwave’s COO, Ed Borromeo joined Shrock, on Culture Crush RX, a partner with Phoenix Business Radio to talk about how to consciously create a positive culture and cultivate mindfulness in the workplace. So, we wanted to share the ways we are becoming more mindful in the workplace, here are 5 of our favorite takeaways from their discussion.

Take a Deep Belly Breath

After all, who doesn’t have 5 minutes to spend clearing their mind and taking a few deep breaths? So long as we’re here, why not try for yourself—slow it down and take a purposeful breath. Close your eyes and feel your chest rise. Feel a little stress slip away? Okay, maybe not on the first try, but keep up this practice at least once a day and you could find that it’s a great way to help manage some of the pressures of a busy work life.

Stay open minded

The solution Levelhead provides is a digital option for managing work stress. But, mindfulness is for everyone, in every business, as long as they are willing to try. Listen to your employees and implement stress management strategies that can make a real impact. They spend 8 to 10 hours a day there after all, and if they aren’t enjoying it at least a little it’s time for a solution.

Be Present

A key part of mindfulness is being aware of where you are in the moment. Each of our conference rooms holds a plaque that asks our employees to be here now. That means no phones, no computers, and truly listening to what’s happening in the meeting. It’s not always easy—it’s a practice—but living in the moment will keep you grounded and connected.

Start at the top

It’s hard to get an entire team on board with a new program if leadership isn’t living it each day. Saundra likes to start with an “enlightened” CEO that’s willing to take a chance on her App. They are more apt to push their employees to work on their practice each day if they are invested.

Tallwave has nurtured a culture of mindful people, and our CEO leads the charge in this effort with a true passion for our own harmony at work. He’s shown that mindfulness starts at the top and saturates throughout the company.

Make soft skills a priority

Businesses will always covet the hard skills, like science and math. But lately, many businesses are finding that emotional intelligence is lacking in the workplace. The is adding value to soft skills like communicating face to face, networking, and developing a connection.

Saundra says, “Soft skills are the hard skills of tomorrow,” so make talking with the people in your organization commonplace. Don’t communicate solely through email or instant messages; instead, get coffee and learn about your peers. You may be surprised by what you find.

Mindfulness is not tangible, nor is there only one way to achieve it. If you want to learn a bit more tactical information about how to join the mindfulness movement in your organization, check out Ed and Saundra’s full Culture Crush RX interview here. You’ll get a bit more about what Tallwave does, and learn about Levelhead’s journey from idea to reality.

Written by Jessica Lizza

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