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5 ways movie theaters can level up their customer experience

By: Jessica Lizza

From 1905 to 2018, things have changed drastically. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is what movie theaters represent. An inexpensive date night, a place where teenagers can mingle and still be safe, a place to enjoy a good film. These are all things that people in the 1900s, as well as the 2000s, have in common.

But, the changing customer base is making the competition fierce, and with streaming services, people are starting to enjoy staying home. So, how do you take back that interest and keep the future of movie theaters poppin?

We’re not talking about charging people a nickel to see the newest film.

1. Find moviegoer empathy

Your organization is not blind to the attraction of on-demand streaming. That’s what’s disrupting the theater business in the first place. So, you react and start adding in bells, whistles, and luxury offerings. Before you know it, in order to make a profit, your price is shooting through the roof. For a person with patience and a Netflix account, they’ll put that 12 dollar ticket toward their subscription. But, what about the date nights and family outings? Now that’s something people will be willing to pay more for.

Time to create situational advertising campaigns.

These have a main mission to highlight your offerings and compare it to what everyone else is doing. Create an experience map that identifies interests and areas of concern, as well as highlight the biggest opportunities - well beyond the interface. You’ll be able to diagnose problems with operational efficiency and inefficiency all within your ability to deliver the customer experience.

2. Own the “Near Me” moments

In the era of smartphones, does anyone actually know where things are without a quick GPS search? If you’re bored on a Saturday night just a few taps can show you everything that’s nearby for entertainment. So why aren’t you capitalizing on that behavior?

Most of us know that major listings (Google Maps, Facebook Places, etc.) are well optimized. Which means there’s always an opportunity to fully expand the capability of these listings to increase your visibility and customer engagement. Through posting, attributes, business descriptions, and other tactics you can pop up more regularly in customer searches.

Claiming and optimizing secondary listings like Yelp, Apple Maps, Foursquare, etc, can also set you up for improved local search engagement and foot-traffic.

3. Take command of content

How many conversations are being had about your brand, in your specific industry? If your share of voice is falling well below industry leaders, you may not be using your content to its maximum potential. That means becoming a voice people can depend on, keeping them engaged, and not spamming them.

The day a site launches is the day it can start collecting redundant, outdated, and trivial content, also known as ROT. This is easily avoided through the execution of regular content audits. This will ensure what you’re producing is being seen, as well as keep track of and audit the SEO footprint of the site, from a technical standpoint. Ensuring that your site loads efficiently, is accessible, and has the appropriate search equity should always be a top priority.

After that, you get to move on to the fun part—figuring out who your brand is. Learning your voice and tone will set the stage for your content creators and give them a jumping off point. We like to give the brands we work with a fictional character to channel, so let us know if you want our help to find yours.

4. Leverage “Likes”

Ahh, “likes” they’re like little nuggets of affirmation and validation. Yes, you do look good in that perfectly filtered beach selfie. Oh, your movie theater is busy every day of the week, thanks for sharing the hype! Needless to say, your movie theater’s social media is the best way to utilize your network. So, it’s time to start testing and learning with social ads to determine their effectiveness.

Dig deep into what you want as a social media strategy. Are you trying to run a “Wendy’s-like” Twitter account? Or maybe full-on interaction utilizing Snapchat and Facebook? Have you thought of the benefits an influencer brings? Whatever it is make sure you're managing it properly because with hundreds of locations and separate accounts it can get tricky.

5. Win the paid media battle

This industry is full of businesses doing the same thing. Which makes your job harder as you try to find the whitespace to exploit, and learn how to do things differently and better.

How much do you know about the landscape of your paid search, paid social, and display?  By analyzing these aspects of advertisement you can identify what keywords, topics, copy, and placements are more heavily targeted and used by competitors. This will tell you where the competition isn’t, you can start to target that.

To increase the reach of your audience, and to bolster any influencer efforts, start building out paid social campaigns. It will leverage the strength of your Facebook page’s engagement and implement remarketing to your social audience (and in paid search).

Written by Jessica Lizza

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