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Is Marketing To Blame? Three Signs Your Problems Are Bigger Than One Department

By: Jessica Lizza

When problems arise in your company, how are the concerns addressed? By slapping Band-Aid’s on the problem without identifying what went wrong in the first place? By scrambling personnel and demanding answers in emergency meetings? Like it or not, fire drills and easy answers won’t get to the root of the pain point. In fact, solutions that just skim the surface of the issue often provide an immediate fix but lead to bigger issues in the long run.

When you’re quick to look for the fastest perceived fix to a problem, whether that involves taking a certain action or pinning the blame on one individual or department, you’ll miss out on opportunities to make lasting, effective change. Not to mention, if the problem involves prospects, customers, or public perception—or even the overall brand— fingers point to marketing.

But, we think that these problems are much bigger than that one department. And a service blueprint is just the tool you should be using to figure out what the problem is.

Find out what Robert Wallace, Tallwave’s EVP of marketing, thinks in his most recent Forbes article Is marketing to blame? 3 signs your problems are bigger Than 1 department.

Written by Jessica Lizza

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