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Is Social Media for business worth all this hype?

By: Jessica Lizza

What’s the most popular way to communicate with like-minded people, comment on topics, and connect with users all over the country? Social media. It’s technically been around since 1997 according to the History Cooperative, and in the years since then evolved into what it is today.

It’s more than just pretty pictures, trolling, and YouTube videos though. Social media is the perfect outlet for getting your business seen by the masses. It’s an extra arm of your marketing program that can show the world more of who you are rather than just what you do.

How can a social media strategy impact a business?

The right social media strategy can improve your company’s visibility exponentially. Through the use of relevant hashtag strategies, genuine audience engagement and consistent quality posts, your content can reach almost anyone in the world.  When done correctly, social media posts can lead to more traffic on your profile, website and more sales.

By engaging with your audience on social channels, you can position yourself as a thought leader in your chosen industry. Communicating with your audience directly will give your business a direct connection to your consumer and a better understanding of what your target demographic wants. A more complete understanding of who you’re selling to will allow you to position yourself better and create even opportunities for conversions.

How to get an edge in social

Before you start posting about the nerf wars in your office or showing off the great work you’ve been doing you’ll need to start with the basics. Who are you trying to reach, and why are you doing it? Not all social channels are created equally. Are you trying to search for people to grow your network, pull in good talent, or be a voice in your industry?

The best way to find your edge is to not go in “guns blazing”. Get together with your team and hash out ideas to figure out what your goals are and the best way you can grow your audience. Don’t forget to post consistently once you figure out your goals. Alternate between your company’s content and curated content to stay in your industry’s conversations.

Remember the more conversations you engage in, the more trust you build with your audience. Staying top of mind keeps the audience engaged and ready to convert the moment they need what you’re offering.

How to start using social media in a business

Starting a social media marketing plan may seem daunting, but doing it the right way should result in an asset, not a time suck. After you’ve set your goals and know who your audience is you can start diving into the conversations happening around your industry. Try and bring value to groups you join and stand out with new and innovative thoughts.

And always remain consistent. Create a content calendar that is realistic for your team and your resources, and stick to it. You can use platforms like Hootsuite or Hubspot to schedule your posts in advance and in bulk. If you ’ve chosen Instagram as your channel of choice, look into a link collection service. We use this one.

What next?

Overall, social media is much more than just viral posts and gettings likes — though that always helps. It’s more about finding another arm to engage with your customers and find new people that will think what you have to say is interesting.

Getting into the conversation and reaching people you might not have been able to before is the best way to generate leads. By growing your audience, you're growing your voice. If you’re ready to start developing a social media marketing plan, Tallwave’s content and branding team live for partnering in that success.

If we’ve got you pumped to get started, click here to schedule a call.

Written by Jessica Lizza

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