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How search can optimize your business

By: Jessica Lizza

How do customers find you? Most people open up a search engine and type in the topic they are wanting more information on. Even more often, they are trying to find something close by. How can you make sure that you’re the organization they choose and then keep coming back to? Answer: Invest in Search.

What are the basics of Search?

There are three main types of search that will help your customers find you. Paid search, also known as Pay-Per-Click advertising, is a form of online advertising where you, or your agency, place advertisements on search engines and only pay if or when a user clicks the ad. This is best used with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When your website and content is optimized, it will result in an increased quantity and quality of the traffic going to your website simply through a search.

The most powerful piece of this for businesses that rely on foot traffic is Local SEO. This search aspect focuses on increasing the visibility of your business within the community. Think about the movie theaters nearby or the nail salons. They are on top of their game if they can show up and get you in their doors.

What can SEO do for your business?

Aside from the obvious, which is bring more traffic to your organization, there are a lot of other reasons why you need a search strategy. The end goal here is to be successful. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, you have to appeal to the customer your serving.

Through local search, a sub-channel of organic search, you can ensure you’re getting awareness for each of your physical locations, as well as optimizing so that your organization comes to the top of the search page. These channels are always changing, so you’ll need a team dedicated to making sure you stay on top. Through the use of analytics, we can target and find exactly what people are searching for and find the best ways your organization can use that to an advantage.

How to start using SEO for your business?

It’s important to know that search touches every aspect of your digital marketing. In order to be successful, you’ll need a strong technical foundation built for your website, as well as ongoing optimization of content and other ranking factors.

For us, the best way to really compete in local SEO means each brand we work with must own and enhance all their current listings. By doing this, it will drive online leads to in-store experiences. At that point, brands will be able to integrate hyper-local marketing strategies into broader digital marketing plans.

Now what?

Trust us when we say that this is barely scratching the surface of what a Search strategy in your business can do to increase both website traffic and face to face. Getting in touch with an agency should be your first step if this is the kind of increase you're looking for.

At Tallwave, we partner with our clients on everything from business strategy, branding, and yes digital marketing—so we know a thing or two about making your business jump to the top.

Get in touch with us today for a deeper dive about how we can help, or if you’re looking for more information about what a Search strategy can do for you.


Written by Jessica Lizza

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