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Paid Media Strategy

Does your organization need Paid Media?

By: Britni Gallello

Every so often, companies come to firms like Tallwave with the age-old “I just want to have you run my media” request. We love media. We can run a campaign in our sleep. But what if media isn’t actually what they need? Our advice to you: before deciding that your company needs to buy media, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the problem you’re trying to solve, and why do you think paid media is the solution?

  • Paid media is meant for amplification of your brand awareness, services, and products. Is that what your brand needs right now?

  • Have you done proper customer journey mapping and persona workshops to find out why exactly you have the problem you’re trying to solve and who you’re solving for? For example:

You sell a product, but people aren’t buying it

You assume it’s because they can’t find you anywhere or don’t know your product exists, so you buy some media.

You invest thousands of dollars to help people find you, but they still aren’t buying your product.

Now you’re stuck. You’ve spent more money than you needed to, and determined that brand awareness isn’t necessarily your problem.

Customer journey mapping helps brands determine the process by which a prospective customer finds, engages with, and becomes loyal to your brand. It also helps identify the gaps or crux points within that journey (Quick tip: if you haven’t read Google’s ZMOT, Zero Moment of Truth, eBook – do yourself a favor and go download a copy). Sometimes those crux points exist on your website, with customer service, or with something entirely different all together. But you won’t know until you’ve truly explored that journey.

If you’ve done everything noted above and have truly landed on paid media as the solution to your problem, congratulations! You’re ahead of the game. Keep reading. If you haven’t explored everything above, stop here, and shoot us a message. We’ll help you out.

Now that you’ve identified your opportunity and you know who you need to reach – it’s time to find them. You’d be amazed at how specific we can get with audience and behavioral targeting.

For argument’s sake, let’s say you’re a new craft brewery in Phoenix, and you need to reach men and women between the ages of 21 and 45, who have an affinity towards nightlife and craft beer. You’d most likely want to focus your efforts on Facebook/Instagram, Yelp, and Paid Search. Here is an example of what your targeting may look like on one platform:

  • For Facebook and Instagram, you’d use these targeting layers:
  • Geographic location: 20 mile radius around your physical address.
  • Age Range: 21-45 years, men and women
  • Behaviors and Interests:
      • Brewery

      • Craft Beer

      • Craft Beer and Brewing

      • Craft Beer Locator

      • Craft Beer Lovers

      • Nightlife

And, KABOOM! People know about you and can come drink your amazing craft beer. Except, it doesn’t end there.

Messaging and creative are often an afterthought. Think about it this way: if you saw an ad for a brewery nearby but the beer sounded bland, the brand was cheap looking, and there was nothing in the ad that convinced you they were anything special, would you still go? I know I wouldn’t. I’d trot myself down to my old-faithful Uncle Bear’s Brewery by my house and be perfectly happy.

But, a convincing ad that made me feel like I’d be missing something major if I didn’t at least stop in to try a flight of their handcrafted beers AND they are offering me a free pint with the code on their ad? I’d give it a go. TL;DR: MESSAGING AND CREATIVE ARE IMPORTANT. DO NOT NEGLECT THEM.

By now, we’ve determined you need paid media to solve a problem, that we know who your audience is, and we have a strategy to not only reach them but to convince them to stop by. There are many other things we could talk about here, but hopefully, we’ve given you something to consider the next time you have to budget for media or craft a new marketing strategy. If you’re still stuck or want some help crafting your strategy, you know how to get a hold of us.

Written by Britni Gallello

Britni Gallello is the Sr. Director of Performance Marketing at Tallwave. She brings a wide range of client experience to Tallwave, and has had the pleasure of working with brands such as Darden Restaurants, Aetna, Kroger, Pro-Flowers, and Persil ProClean. Britni is an Arizona native and attended Arizona State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing.

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