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Honored to be a Best Place to work in 2018

By: Jessica Lizza

Last week, a few of us Tallwavers had the pleasure to attend the Phoenix Business Journal’s Best Places to Work event at the JW Marriot. We were surrounded by like-minded organizations that pride themselves on creating a wonderful environment for their employees, and sharing in the success of these other organizations was truly a wonderful experience.

In the last few months, our employees have been putting in the extra hours to deliver their best work before the end of the year. It’s been hard, but even with all of the stress and deadlines we’ve still been honored with a ranking of 12 on the Phoenix Business Journal’s Best Places to Work. That comes from passion. We know that we wouldn’t have ranked at all without the hard work of our employees and the awesome collaborative vibes they share in the office.

We owe every part of our success in consistently being named a best place to work to the people that come to the office every day. Whether it’s the friendly steps competition or the monthly potlucks, each person at Tallwave makes a contribution far more than just their great work ethic. Our culture is what drives us and attracts the best talent. Everyone feels valued, and that’s what we pride ourselves on.

Yes, we love the titles of being a best place to work, but an organization only gets that through the people that are employed and the values they hold close. All we can say is, what a way to close out 2018.

If you’re interested in seeing the whole ranking in the small business category, which we were placed in, check out this article directly from the Phoenix Business Journal.


Written by Jessica Lizza

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