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How to identify white space for your content marketing strategy

By: Jessica Lizza

If you’re a business, you know, or at least you should know, that the best way to build your brand is connecting with your audience whether it’s online or in person. But, let’s be honest, more often than not you’re going to be meeting your customers virtually. You need to know how to not only find them, but also attract their attention through your content marketing strategy. Ask yourself who they are and what is motivating them to purchase your product or use your service.

You want to get a clear view of your top potential buyers as well as the messaging and creative approaches that will prompt your customers to buy. To do this you’ll need to take a deep dive into demographic trends in the market you want to target, Media usage trends to see where your desired customers spend their time online, and other behavioral trends to get an understanding of what may impact how customers think about themselves and their purchases.

In other words, find the whitespace


A great way to drive awareness is by exploiting channels that aren’t being targeted by the competition. Is everyone in your industry focusing on desktop display when they should be focusing on mobile video? By understanding who your customer is, along with deep dive research on your competitors you can easily find where you should focus your content marketing efforts.

Maybe you want to start targeting a younger generation, time to start using Instagram for short videos or Twitter for easily digestible content. Or, your target market could be an older generation who like to read, long-form content on why your product is perfect for them could work.

You just need to know where your competition is right now, and be where they aren’t—and then dominate that channel.

Content Opportunity and Optimization

For every business, there can always be improvement on the content that is being served up on a website or social media outlet. After all, innovation is the key to keeping up with the competition. Therefore, there is a significant opportunity to create content that will help buyers in targeted markets find and purchase your product or service.

For example,  look for opportunities to achieve higher rankings for high volume key terms and phrases. Some already written content can be optimized to capture a top position,  and with that keyword research, you’ll also know what other topics should be approached with new content.

Remember to approach each and every page with the approach of keeping any current relevancy, while enhancing terms that are listed as high-ranking opportunities.

Niche Search Terms and Aspirational Content  

Similar to dominating on channels that aren’t being used, take a look at the niche search terms for your industry. This will help you identify opportunities to connect more directly with your target market through your content. Plus, an added bonus of tying into your SEO strategy.

The best part about finding your niche and organizing your content marketing strategy according to your target audience is being able to have some fun with it. By using your blog content and social media effectively, you’ll be able to showcase both your superior product or service as well as the voice of your company.  Create a content marketing strategy around something your audience wants to be a part of.

By finding the whitespace and molding your content marketing strategy around it, you’ll be able to talk to more directly to your desired customers and users. Dominate that whitespace, and you’ll start dominating the market.

Written by Jessica Lizza

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