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Using Transformation Strategy to Re-energize an Established Brand

By: Alejandra Guillen—Content Creator

After being in the business for over 40 years, Bunger Steel’s brand and website needed a bit of a facelift. Their stellar reputation on a local level speaks for itself, but they needed a helping hand when it came to their website. This fourth-generation family business wanted to lay a foundation for their brand that allowed them to grow both regionally and nationally. While paid digital advertisements aid in general awareness; without a strong website to bring that interest through the funnel to conversion, brands can miss out on key opportunities. The solution was simple: Bunger Steel needed a full re-design of their website.

Bunger Building

The Challenge

Bunger Steel specializes in making custom components, buildings, sheds, and airplane hangars. Building these impressive structures is one thing, but appealing to the masses, and making an emotional connection with them was our biggest challenge.

“They needed something to make them look bigger than they are and set them apart. They had a huge opportunity to change the whole conversation,” said Robert Wallace, Tallwave’s VP of Marketing.

Their branding was dated, inconsistent, and didn’t stand out from the other steel companies in the market. Bunger Steel wanted a more contemporary brand that properly reflected the cool and thoughtful craftsmanship they put into every project.

The Thought Process

We had to rethink Bunger Steel’s entire visual identity. In order to do this, and do it right, we conducted interviews with their team to understand everything about Bunger; who they are, their mission and values, and what makes them unique in the marketplace.

Bunger Moodboard

For most brands, their most recognizable and custom detail is their logo. For Bunger Steel, we needed something that was rugged and represented strength and durability with a modern feel. At first, we toyed with animals that fit these descriptors—lions, rhinos, bears, etc.— but they just didn’t work.

Then it clicked: what’s stronger than steel?

We designed their signature “Bunger B” to be a standalone, recognizable logo that offers a subtle nod to the corrugated steel they work with. To stay on-brand, we updated their color scheme and darkened their signature orange color to match the popular rusty steel that is used in many of their buildings.

Bunger Logo

After establishing the need for a fresh identity, it was time to start building the brand foundation into other marketing assets.we needed to communicate their heritage and strong reputation in order to reenergize the company. We dove into a competitive analysis where we benchmarked against competitors and explored visual interpretations of where the brand could go. After gathering this information from the Bunger team, we were able to narrow down how we make a bold, strong, visual identification that was a reflection of where they used to be in a way that paid proper homage to their heritage.

“We had a couple of workshops with them upfront where we pulled a lot of information out of them, like where they were headed. Our Insights team did a lot of additional research and found what holes were missing in the market – that was really big. They even came out with some recommendations on the type of content that they thought would help us stand out from the crowd. Starting there and pulling those things out of the research, we were able to develop how to provide really interesting content for users. In doing so, we were able to have Bunger stand out visually among the competition and position them as the high-end steel building company they are,” said Jason Thiel, lead designer at Tallwave.

Designing a New Brand

Once we had everything we needed from Bunger, our design team got to work. We wanted to level up their voice in the market in a creative way that represented them as a key player in the industry. It became clear that the best way to show the market what Bunger is all about was to showcasing their work and making it the hero of the website.

“We wanted to make sure we had high-quality photography of their existing work. That was the biggest thing I think they were missing; visual proof of what they can do, because they actually build really cool structures. It was just a matter of visually representing that,” said Thiel.

Bunger Sketch

Although the structures Bunger Steel builds are incredible on their own, the real emotional connection for their customers is centered around what’s inside.

“What we tried to do with some of that hero imagery was pull out the thing they saved up for—what they may have worked for their entire lives—pull that out and have that be one of the featured items. Have that in front of the building and not focus so much on the structure. More on what it holds.”

Bunger Homepage

The End Game

Our end goal was not to make the brand completely unrecognizable, but to pay homage to the past while building towards the future. We were able to accomplish this by building them a website that would allow them to grow. For this, we laid the foundation for several elements, such as blog material, an expanded components section, or custom solutions.

Our new logo work led Bunger to take their brand to market in more ways than one. Aside from the website implementation, Bunger put the new look everywhere – from the paint colors on the wall, to floor mats, to new decals and wraps for their trucks.

Bunger Team

For a deeper dive into the work we did with Bunger Steel, check out our case study. Need help getting your business to the next level? Drop us a line – We’re ready to help.

Written by Alejandra Guillen—Content Creator

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