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What podcasts are Tallwavers listening to?

By: Jessica Lizza

At Tallwave, we take pride in our people and learning more about them. After all, our greatest asset is them. So, since podcasts are so popular right now, we wanted to poll the team and see what the best podcasts are right now. According to Tallwave.  


Radio Lab - Nathan, Search Strategist  

What’s is about?

Radio Lab is is a podcast that describes itself as being “devoted to investigating a strange world.” It’s been around since 2002 and is operated by a duo of Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich. They’ve won awards for their work, and their episodes have toured in sold-out shows. They focus on technology, business, and society and examine interesting stories like the value of a life, how our brains make decisions, and the implications of gene editing with CRISPR.

Why Nathan’s into it?

It has the ability to change your mind about topics that you thought you knew. In other words, have an open mind and question everything.


Myths & Legends. - Rae, Software Developer

What’s it about?

Most of us learn about some form of mythology in school. But, not many of us know about the origins of these stories. That’s where this podcast comes in. Every week, Jason, the writer and host, takes a deep dive into the original myths of well-known stories. Think you know about Maui from Moanna? Think again.

Why Rae’s into it?

She’s always been a fan of mythology, and this podcast allows her to learn myths she’s never heard of before. Not to mention, her usual queue usually consists of work/industry, and a few on current events, so Myths & Legends is a nice break and an entertaining listen.


Mortified - Andrea, VP of Client Services

What’s it about?

According to their website, Mortified has been hailed a “cultural phenomenon.” For good reason, it seems. Did you keep a diary or a journal as a kid? You probably thought that would be for your eyes only, but when you grow up reading them out loud for tons of strangers to hear is even better. After all, we can all connect in some way or another about embarrassment as children. This podcast covers everything men and women experienced as kids all the way from a first kiss to who they thought they would marry.

Why Andrea’s into it?

Adults are reading from their teen diaries...It speaks for itself.


Modern Love - Chelsey, Senior Designer

What’s it about?

This is a podcast produced by WBUR and is based on The New York Times’ series of weekly reader-submitted essays. It focuses on the good parts and the bad parts of love, and not just the romantic kind. They describe their podcast as bringing new dimensions to the previously told stories by adding notable personalities as well as updates from the original writer.

Why Chelsey’s into it?

She likes podcasts that tell stories of other people’s lives s lives and real-life events.

Written by Jessica Lizza

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