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Why We RRU

By: Alejandra Guillen—Content Creator

One of Tallwave’s core values is being Deliberately Healthy. This value isn’t just about pumping iron and eating salads (Although if this is what you’re into, we encourage it!). It’s about practicing mindfulness – paying attention on purpose, in a non-judgmental way, and being in the present moment. To practice this core value, we’ve established a quarterly Refresh, Renew, Unite (RRU) initiative. How do we RRU, you ask? Every 90 days we take an afternoon to Refresh and Renew and then we come together (unite) as a team. This company-wide half day allows us to do something we enjoy doing alone. We use this time to invigorate our mind, body, spirit and get into the best mindset for the quarter ahead.

Tallwave Team

Part of the reason for RRU is that we know mental health is just as important as physical health. We encourage our employees to be candid about what they’re going through. As mental health continues to be destigmatized, there are plenty of companies offering mental health benefits to their employees. Being invested in both employees’ mental health and professional development can help your employees perform better.

“It’s all about mental health. The healthier our employees are both mentally and physically, the better they’re going to perform and work. There are a lot of studies out there about mindfulness and just being able to slow down. Get away from the day to day, breathe in nature, pause for a moment, allow your thoughts to be your thoughts for a little while,” says Tallwave CEO, Jeff Pruitt.

RRU has been a Tallwave tradition since 2010 and has proved for almost a decade that, if used correctly, taking an afternoon for ourselves can be beneficial to our success in and out of the office.

How Does Tallwave RRU?

Everyone’s Refresh preference is different. Some may opt for traditional massages, spa appointments, or meditation. Others opt for a less traditional approach, like hitting the batting cages, retail therapy, and sometimes even weekend trips to Hawaii. The point is that we’re all different – we can Refresh and in whatever way feels best and true to ourselves.

After we take some time to Refresh, we like to Renew our personal processes. Pruitt encourages us to grab a pen, a journal, and spend some time reflecting on the past quarter, and set goals for the upcoming quarter. 

“Being in a young and growing company, you run really hard against whatever your goals are and I started to just look at the fact that it is important – almost imperative – that you think about planning more than just on an annual basis. While journaling, ask yourself how are you showing up around your goals both professionally, personally, with your family, etc.,” says Pruitt. 

The final step in this process is to “Unite.” For Unite, we take another afternoon away from the office, but this time together. Last week, we had our quarterly Unite session. At this session, we discussed our plans for the upcoming quarter and had a little friendly competition with our Tallwave Trivia at a local brewery. Whether it’s bonding at a brewery or falling together at an ice skating rink, we love listening to everyone discuss their plans for the near future. We share how we relaxed, what our plans are, and we learn about upcoming company initiatives. When we sit down to talk goals together, we start thinking about how we can help each other meet our individual and business goals.

Implementing an RRU-like Environment at Your Company

For companies that are interested in starting up something like this, but don’t know where to start, our Chief Operation Officer, Ed Borromeo, says it’s all about understanding the passion of your employees.

“I think the first step is for employers to have an awareness that overall health is important and that it has a tie to business performance, longevity of employees, and a high-performance team. I think the other piece is to create a safe environment to allow some form of that to happen. Part of that is a real investment in time, energy, and resources. Whether it’s time in the afternoon or getting together as a company and thinking about these things on a regular basis. Those are the small baby steps. Some companies are offering mindfulness classes to their employees or a mentorship circuit. There are a lot of ways to create harmony or build an environment for professionals. RRU is our approach to it.”

The Future of RRU

While we know that our process isn’t perfect, we are continuously making improvements, taking suggestions, and reminding our employees of why we give them this time. It’s not just about having an afternoon off. It’s a time to consider whether you, as an employee, are showing up and giving your best self to your work, coworkers, and yourself every single day. It’s a learning experience all around. As we continue to grow our team, we will continue to make improvements to our RRU process to benefit both ourselves and our company.

“We can’t force people to be introspective, reflect on the past, future, or forecast some place they don’t want to be. But we can create an environment and opportunity to do that, and I think that’s one of the benefits to working here,” says Borromeo.

Written by Alejandra Guillen—Content Creator

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